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... kay so my curiosity is getting the better of me. on average, how much time do you spend listening to music a day? constrained to time spent awake. please boost cuz i'm curious.

Today I tried helping a friend to update his Moto E4 Plus (mediatek variant). The hardware is kind of slow, but still okay; the software, outdated and vulnerable. As the drivers weren't made public and the kernel is old, it never saw Android Oreo, Pie or Q, because the manufacturer abandoned it because they had the E5 and E6 to sell and nothing obliging them to support their devices for more than 2 years after its launch. There isn't even a pay-to-update service available (as Windows 7 does). Is technology really meant to be disposable at this level?

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I contacted #System76 support for a hardware datasheet (couldn't seem to find one online...) and told them I was configuring a kernel for #Gentoo. Their reaction was not "we can't support that," but instead "I talked to our resident Gentoo guy and you'll need at least a 5.3 kernel for your machine" (I somehow ended up with 4.19), which is relevant, helpful, informative, and accepting of the desire to run other OSes.

Highly recommended. Much better than Dell would have been.

My dragon name is quite simple, yet people think it's hard... it's like saying "is thinner" but doing it with an F sound (lower lip touching upper teeths) instead of the TH sound (tongue touching teeths) and removing the pause between both words. The second name you can hear by typing "Sleipnir" on Google Translator and hitting the speaker button.

The Web is a graveyard of ideas that were once innovative, revolutionary, and far ahead of its time.

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Hi! We’re a group of open-source developers making the command line a friendlier place, one character at a time.

💁🏻 More info: `ssh charm.sh`
👀 Check out: github.com/charmbracelet/glow


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You know what's really odd? 

Just now I discovered that imgur is requiring people to log in to see some albums and tagging stuff as NSFW by themselves... why? ;-;

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> ShoeTool is an animated fairy tale about an elf shoemaker who thinks he buys a machine to help him make shoes... only to find out that there are there are strings attached to his "purchase." Please show your support for free software and this video by promoting it on your social media using the #shoetool hashtag.


come the fuck on FSF

The furry fandom raised over 1 million dollars this year for charity!

So... Facebook wants to build an OS. It makes me wonder: how much personal data one can harvest if they could simply not give the user the option to opt-out easily?

Now, after 2 rants, I feel a lot better. There were some things really bothering me.

techy rant: smartphones are too expensive to be phones and too vendor-locked to be "PCs" - a consumer's opinion 

long rant: websites, monetization & search engines 

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@sir Carp is also nice. Rust semantics, Lisp syntax, C interop, small... github.com/carp-lang

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Someone joked recently that the newly discovered cave painting might be the earliest known furry art. Turns out, yeah, no joke, it's totally 44,000 yr old furry art.

"The figures could represent human hunters clad in skins or masks. Aubert and his colleagues, however, say they look more like therianthropes: human-animal hybrids that show up in cultures around the world"

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