I think I'm okay identifying as a communist now.

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very long (4300 characters), mythographic analysis of hylian mythology 

dysphoria, otherkin 

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The dreaded !

I'm Rithane, dragon sorceress, writer, trainee sociologist, Twitch streamer, and social justice dragon. There's also Mel (not quite a headmate, just a character I indulge from time to time), antifa sergal and all-around screw-you-a-tron.

I work in tech, but as a hobby I stream games (mostly Magic the Gathering), write mini-fictions, and I'm doing a degree in Social Policy and Criminology.

I migrated here from scalie.business which is shutting down, that is definitely me and you should be redirected automatically. I hope.

I really don't know how any of this works.

The Drake Network

Welcome to The Drake Network, a public, perpetually free-for-all, community run Mastodon server operated by furries, for furries. Oh, not to forget Dragonkin either!

We're a safe-haven for LGBTQI+, furries, otherkin, therians, and media that's 18+ adult'ish in nature. We have such features as:

* Making use of the glitch-soc code-base
* Media proxy via S3 Bucket
* Other media improvements
* Full compatibility with IPv6 addressing/networking
* Tor proxy (coming soon!)
* Text limit of 4096 characters
* Formatted RAWRs (i.e. Toots)
* Threaded mode
* Replies in lists
* Misleading links highlighting
* Bookmarks
* Doodle
* App settings model
* Collapsible RAWRs