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A very fun glass-panda-styled commission for @NikClarkson!! That liquid looks fun!

(repost) wh... why am i falling through a waterfall...?

(repost) A very nice-looking snird dryad for Ehksidan of twitter!! (snake bird)

‪i don't actually have a big artwork to post before this decade ends just yet, so i'm gonna boost/repost some of my artwork from 2019! incoming‬

i haven't been very active since summer, and! that's okay. i'm doing college, and i want to be sure i have enough energy for stuff. i'll be working on writing-type projects in the meantime, though 👀

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‪Commissions are open!! I can do icons, stickers, lineless, ref sheets, et cetera! ‬

‪i'm resolving to do more fanart for my favorite creators and webcomics, so i'm starting a thread!‬

‪here's Jas and Khudran of Star Trip by!! star trip is an amazing journey to read with so much character development‬


‪an icon for as thanks for giving me advice on a character!!! i love her majestic spacemoth.......‬

‪new banner!!!! i need to do backgrounds more often‬

‪(the worm is in reference to this comic i made at the beginning of 2019, check it out)

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‪made a updated ref sheet of my mothsona, solzi!!!! flashlight may or may not be a parasitic worm‬

‪every image was given a description. all the images. especially the comics. if i missed anything let me know and i'll type up even more words‬

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‪I've finally updated my portfolio site in ages!!!! feast your eyeballs upon THIS

‪introducing my pmd: sky ocs, honana the vulpix and ambrose the shinx! (both go by they/them)‬

‪text is -‬

‪Ally (she/her)‬
‪- mute, signs only‬
‪- can lift three times her weight‬
‪- dislikes foxes‬

‪Rebecca (she/her)‬
‪- hard of hearing‬
‪- can run faster than Ally‬
‪- hates losing in anything‬

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‪finally redesigned a pair of characters!! this adorable couple is ally and rebecca and they're disaster lesbians‬

‪a kudamon offering for my friend

(my apologies, the link doesn't seem to work on here, but you can copy/paste it in a new tab and it'll work!)

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‪Commissions are open!! I can do icons, stickers, lineless, ref sheets, et cetera! ‬

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