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‪fused two of my favorite pokemon, scolipede and galvantula!!‬

‪A bat flying upside down commission for!

‪Now announcing The Cleome, a deaf creator-oriented server on Discord! This is specifically for deaf artists, writers, any deaf/HoH person who creates. Minorities are especially welcome! Please boost if you know any deaf creators!‬

‪a new ref sheet for shard, my birdshark sona! lots of sharp teeths‬

‪Vivian as a singing sharkbird commission for! this was really fun to work on!‬

boosted most of the art on my old art account! now to wait a couple days until i feel like announcing this new account (or post any newer art)

(thing is, i don't want to repost artwork i just posted, so i'll start by slowly cross-posting artwork to both art accounts, and then i'll announce moving here)

hello, drakenet! that's gonna be my nickname for this cool instance. i might be in the process of moving art accounts, so things on my account might look weird for a short bit

The Drake Network

Welcome to The Drake Network, a public, perpetually free-for-all, community run Mastodon server operated by furries, for furries. Oh, not to forget Dragonkin either!

We're a safe-haven for LGBTQI+, furries, otherkin, therians, and media that's 18+ adult'ish in nature. We have such features as:

* Making use of the glitch-soc code-base
* Media proxy via S3 Bucket
* Full compatibility with IPv6 addressing/networking
* Tor proxy (coming soon!)
* Text limit of 4096 characters
* Threaded mode
* Bookmarks
* Doodle
* App settings model
* Collapsible RAWRs (i.e. Toots)