‪got a rad commish from @Technojara@twitter.com of my sonas fighting!! it looks like they crossed each other's path ‪and refused to change directions‬

‪animated the "why" sign...!! i'll try to fix this up later‬

here's a flipbook animation i did earlier today!!!! i used so many pens

‪hiya!!! im working on short animations during classes, here's my take on stop motion‬

‪happy friday the 13th! tfw you're not in the cursed land anymore but a well-meaning shadow badgers you about spreading the curse‬

‪Commission of @Ehksidan@twitter.com's Rayquaxena! what an awesome gal‬

politics / vent 

‪i made an alignment chart for ways to eat ice cream! tag yourself i'm lick, and then spoon after about five minutes of licking‬

‪dream log 93: i'm trying to hide my identity as a cool cat, but these people keep swarming me, help‬

‪i wanted to try doing a GIF of @sdamned@twitter.com's Crunky! she's adorable‬

‪Follow-up to this cool post is here! Wanna know why this woman is internally screaming? patreon.com/posts/28056521‬

‪A new - and special post for Moth patrons just went up! Please either read it or become a patron! patreon.com/posts/28017905‬

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