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‪Commissions are open!! I can do icons, stickers, lineless, ref sheets, et cetera! ‬

here be a rockin' comimission of's character!!

Violet wants to put on a magical show for everybody....!! art trade with for her!

heeeeeey! i've voted for today! also please vote bernie

i'm ok for the time being! discovering how PTSD flashbacks work sure is an experience, haha‬

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a smell that takes you back to an awful time, but only for a moment

‪hello, here's to my first art post of the decade!! on my birthday as well! these are both somber, but i think it's a good reflection of how the 2010s were for me and i've moved on from that‬

okay, all the reposting/boosting is done! hope yall enjoyed

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‪finally redesigned a pair of characters!! this adorable couple is ally and rebecca and they're disaster lesbians‬

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‪animated the "why" sign...!! i'll try to fix this up later‬

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‪i wanted to try doing a GIF of's Crunky! she's adorable‬

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(this is not an invitation to flirt with me or my sona, pls be respectful of boundaries)

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i thought scoli'd look good in bowser's mario odyssey wedding outfit and i was right

a familiar face that i see every time i slumber
it is i, but without limits, yet constrained by unknowable rules
and with everything that i unknowingly embody and desire.

(to any worried admins: my planned maximum posts in a row is 12! i'm about 4 images in, but i'll try to space them out)

A very fun glass-panda-styled commission for @NikClarkson!! That liquid looks fun!

(repost) wh... why am i falling through a waterfall...?

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