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Is there a "Google-free" operating system for smartphones that reliably supports MAC-randomisation?

#GrapheneOS apparently supports it since it's now based on Android Q, but you need a relatively recent Google Pixel 3 variant for it, which is prohibitive for many people (price, ethics, sustainability).

Does #CalyxOS support it? #LineageOS 17.1? #Replicant with Atheros WiFi?

MAC randomization is a seriously underappreciated privacy feature, especially if you want to promote WiFi-only use. 👍

Today I accidentally learned how to use via while I tried to run in .

I managed to run Android X86 in a Standalone VM that boots from ISO, but the mouse to touchscreen interface ranged from "entirely unusable" to "still very annoying". Also I was not able do to an installation this way, so if you shut the VM down everything is lost. That might still be very useful in some cases, but it's not what I'm looking for.

The more useful solution is to run in a VM and install the .apk you want to use. This should also work on any other platform that is able to run Whonix-VMs.



I followed this tutorial to set up the environment on my QuebesOS computer. I also tried to install - that worked, but updating the repositorys did not work, so I had to manually get the Apps I wanted to from the Internet and install them via adb just like FDroid in the tutorial.

Briar apk

Signal apk

Whatsapp apk

The worst - or actually only really bad- thing about this is, that is is slow. Still usable, but not in a pleasant way. Also, I could not use Emojis and the keyboard was messed up a little.

Briar just worked out of the box. Even copy/paste between VMs works. This is awesome, but also strange as I expected there would be problems connecting behind a Whonix-Gateway.

In order to register an account for and you need a phone number. Since you are using Tor, you do not want to give them your personal number or any other number connected to your real name. I was surprised to find out that both of those services accept numbers registered via:


So... I guess if you really have to use Whatsapp, this is the most appropriate way to do so.

Today I learned how to enable in !

Redshift is a program that changes the light settings of your display to make the light shift more to the red and less to the blue spectrum, in order to make you sleep better.

This was actually a little bit complicated.

I found this thread helpful:

This is a little older and deals with Qubes 3.2, but it also seams to work for version 4.

This line will install Redshift in Dom0 (since it affects the whole display, it has to run in Dom0):

[user@dom0 ~]$ sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-current-testing redshift redshift-gtk:

But Redshift only works with a location, that it can not get from the system, so you will also have to add a config file with a manually set location.

Type (in Dom0 Terminal):

cd ~/.config/
sudo nano redshift.conf

and enter the following in the new file:


Change the numbers to whatever works best with your sleep rhythm.

Then just restart Redshift.

Running a program in Dom0 might have some security applications, but I am willing to take those risks for this, because it really works. I notice that the white light in the evening disturbs my sleep.

Today I learned how to use bash scripts That is actually a shame because they are super useful and I have been a user for over a decade. How have I survived without knowing this?

Just create a file, that ends in .sh e.g by typing:

nano yourfile.sh

Then you have to enter the magical line:


I don't have a clue why, but that line makes it work, so who cares for now?

than you can just enter things like you would in a command line, except you do only have to write it once, since you can use the script to repeat the procedure with less typing.

Now I have a bash file, that installs the usual programs I need on a new machine. That will save me some time in the future.

A short version of that file might look like this:

apt-get update
apt-get install keepassxc -y
apt-get install ricochet-im -y

The "-y" makes the installation automatic, as you do not have to enter in manually for every program in the list.

After saving the file, you have to make it executable by typing

sudo chmod +x yourfile.sh

and than you can run it with:

sudo ./yourfile.sh

What do you people use bash scripts for?

Today i learned how to use a LAN to USB adapter in

Since my Laptop doesn`t have a LAN connection, but a USB-C, I bought an adapter.
All I had to do was plug it in, and then set sys-usb as the Networking VM in the Settings of sys-net.

I tried connecting the adapter to sys-net, but that didn`t work.

From the security point of view, I guess this is not too bad.

Of course, some USB device could now get access to the Internet, and maybe also to sys-net and my other VM's connected to it, but the solution to that is also quite simple: Just don't use any USB devices, at least not while using USB LAN.

Anyway, I am happy that I don't have to mess around with WiFi anymore.

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@qubesnoob Note: Regardless of this setting, you can always put a window into fullscreen mode in Xfce4 using the trusted window manager by right-clicking on a window’s title bar and selecting “Fullscreen”. This functionality should still be considered safe, since a VM window still can’t voluntarily enter fullscreen mode. […] To exit fullscreen mode from here, press alt + space to bring up the title bar menu again, then select “Leave Fullscreen”. qubes-os.org/doc/config-files/

Today I learned how to enable the full screen mode for VMs in . It is surprisingly easy.
Especially since i thought it was impossible. Well, now I can watch stuff in full screen on my Laptop again, I guess that is a win.

You just have to open a Terminal in Dom0, and enter:

sudo nano /etc/qubes/guid.conf

That will open the nano text editor. There you will have to scroll down to:

# most of setting can be set per-VM basis

VM {

Now you add the following lines after "VM{" :

Your_VM_Name: {
allow_fullscreen = true;

Than you restart the VM and watch your movies in full Screen.

Just make sure you have really left the full screen mode before you enter any sensitive information afterwards.


Hello world!

Hi, I am interested in .

I use .

I am here to write about software and related stuff.

Mostly about my experiences and learning while using QubesOS.

I am also a frequent user.

Follow me, if you want to learn from my mistakes.

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