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i made this picture when i was 12 and it got so popular that an amazon bot stole it and put it on a pillow


Introducing an X gender option on driver's license is making it so that insurance companies are stopping charging teens differently based on their genders.

Art done by I commissioned them a couple months ago, never shared the end result. Wanted something space themed with another character of mine. They did a fantastic job, please go check em out!

parasite warning 

parasite warning, gross 

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I love upsetting people by actually questioning their talking points to see whether or not they actually put some thought into the stuff they try to convince you off

Here's a video of my super kyuute Iggy da Piggy clawing his way under one of the pillows on my bed XD

He loves to sleep there in that spot after having a snuggle against my chest for sometime.

I wish Discord had an option to report something to server moderators instead of having to ping them publicly or bother them personally in DMs

re: instance block recommendation, "free speech" nazis 

instance block recommendation, "free speech" nazis 

Top US vaccine scientist forced out 

@masanbol @Ace @remy Instance idea: have a spot on the About Instance page that lets folks find out about the current mascot? eg, who it's made by, who it is :)

acnh custom design 

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