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@phobos_dthorga not at one point in history, right now. It's free software, you can just burn it to a CD and sell it to people! This particular publisher sells an awful lot of free software, I've seen a Supertux Kart retail release. At least their OpenOffice disks come with some kind of video tutorial so ai guess they add some value to that

The Matrix, but people realize they’re in a simulation because they do zoom fingers on a book and it works

This is your semi-regular reminder that you can purchase an 8ft wide by 8.5ft high by 15 ft long repurposed steel freight container with your choice of cargo doors or rollup door for under three thousand dollars, if you can find someplace to put it.

picked up this copy of VLC Media Player for just 10€, what a steal

#HamRadio power supply has been repaired! I'm also sick 😫 

Just did some before my brother woke up, since his notebook's power supply interferes heavily on the HF bands.

I was able to send out some pictures with the callsign in that time and receive two back! ^,==,^

It is today that we mark the appreciation of Dragonkind! 

I have seen far too many artists gone on hold for unknown periods of time because their sole computer is a laptop.

Seriously, people, most laptops are not made to last, unfortunately. If you need reliable access to computing power, you really need a desktop. Modular, upgradeable, easy to repair by yourself, or the local techie.

@phobos_dthorga, Lutris is a wine wrapper that looks like steam's grid game list. It uncomplicates the process of installing some games.

Running AAA games at launch is a bit hard... sometimes you can get a ban if playing online (see Battlefield 5 case).

I, personally, don't miss any particular AAA title Windows would run; the games I play are either linux-native or runs through wine with no major problem.

Dual-booting, as @ayron mentioned, still is an option.

My Recommended Services

Messenger: #Signal #Wire
Email: #ProtonMail #Tutanota
Search Engines: #DuckDuckGo #Qwant #Startpage
VPN: #ProtonVPN #NordVPN
Password Managers: #Bitwarden #KeePass
Browser: #Firefox #Brave #TorBrowser
SNS: #Mastodon
Cloud Storage: #Nextcloud #MEGA
Note: #StandardNotes
Encryption Software: #VeraCrypt #Cryptomator
Send File: #FirefoxSend
File Sync: #Syncthing

#Privacy #Security

Unless you are using Elasticsearch for development and testing, creating and maintaining an Elasticsearch cluster will be a task that will occupy quite a lot of your time. Elasticsearch is an extremely powerful search and analysis engine, and part of this power lies in the ability to scale it for better performance and stability.

I certainly didn't want to hear that :(

My thoughts on the new #GoogleSearch UI 

"What Saleem just demonstrated is: with [a short] script you can generate a cert for any website, and it's fully trusted on IE and Edge w/ just the default settings for Windows. That's fairly horrifying. It affects VPN gateways, VoIP...anything that uses network communications."

My full, Draconic name is Phobos Aryn'dythyrn D'thorga. Don't even ask about the middle >,==,>;

But the first and last are pronounced as "Foe-boss Dee'thor-gah".


That's the abomination of a filename for a SSL/VPN certificate that our instance tried to export.

Ooof x..x

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