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Stop 👏 Using 👏 Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:

@freemo I remember those days well. My first PC was an IBM clone, 286 a6 MHz, the processor was fast for the time. Not an Intel part, they had moved on to promoting the newer and higher profit 386 gen processors.

I also bought and installed the math coprocessor for my machine. Needed since I wanted to use AutoCAD, and it required it.

So I ordered a 287 Intel coprocessor. It was about $300 CAD at the time, early 1991 probably. Would be a lot more today with inflation accounted for, and I was worried of damaging it during installation.

Turns out it did not work. I don't remember exactly what the symptom was, but not good. I had a $300 part, bought mail order, and might be stuck with it. 😟

every KISS song about a shagging is literally what a teenage boy imagines it to be like

you can tell by their lyrics that nobody in KISS had ever actually had sex with a woman.

Dear cyanobacteria,
I just want to thank you for all the free oxygen and food you provided when you threw that epic oxygenation party 2.4 billion years ago. Your friend, Mr. binsrc

The sheer amount of times I've been hospitalized because of my disabilities, and told, "Oh, he's just drug seeking. The withdrawals will clear up soon."

I'm at the point where I believe every ER doctor and nurse to be plain evil until otherwise proven...

A good thing from birbsite:

A campaign to help abolish a bunch of medical debt in the places that have the most. Including Flint:

Every dollar you give buys $100 of medical debt and takes it away from someone else, so even a small amount can help someone else out a lot!

youtube's recommendations to me on the front page always feel sad. like they dont have a clue what im into besides that I've been listening to the same song for 3 days straight so they recc that song in a playlist as a desperate ploy to get me to listen to other music. jokes on them I will just keep starting the playlist over again

The new Tesla Truck is so big and ridiculous it can fit an entire distraction from their (somehow still ongoing) workplace safety scandal and subsequent swatting of an ex-employee story in it

@sfner @phobos_dthorga I've found some option in about:config for telemetry.
toolkit.telemetry.enabled was already set to false. I changed toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled to false and toolkit.telemetry.serve to a blank value (was I hope this also helps.

Woah, would you look at that error dump O..o

I've *never* seen crash in such a horrific manner as that before.

I wonder what's actually going on? >,==,>

Latest'n'Greatest: "Next Year's Model" #BoliviaCoup #Lithium

Here's a fun factoid for you: at least 70% of Earth's lithium reserves are in Bolivia — you know lithium, the stuff that's in the batteries in your phone, your laptop, your trendy electric car...?

Quite a happenstance for the US-backed fascist coupmongers there, huh?

Amazing to simultaneously 1) Be able to remember downloading shit over a 33.6k dialup connection and 2) Be impatient at a 2Mb/second download

age check. how old are you, my friends

@sfner @ayron I highly recommend the browser, ^,==,^

It was suggested to me by @Arctic sometime ago and while there are a few things here and there I do not like, simply because I have to change my habits, I will be using this soon enough with the way Google's going.

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