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Patreon shout-outs and a thank you to our donors! ^,==,^ 

Lots of swearing and toilet humour >,==,> 

Have a hamster trying to get into a jar of sunflower seeds.

Boost if:
- You're gay
- I'm gay
- We're all gay

Nobody will know which one (all three)

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random tip about an american phone company deal 

I'm having to wear my backup jacket because my favorite is taken by Iggy da Piggy, who's curled up underneath and sleeping rather snuggly >,==,>

@phobos_dthorga maybe it's one of those elusive mid-tier games come to think about it, but is definitely not AAA imo

@phobos_dthorga from what i know, it had a small group of people working on it, and a smaller budget. It's not normal indie, but higher budget indie, like Cyan's recent games, which has a team of about 20 and makes their games within budgets of a few million USD. Ninja Theory's Hellblade would also be in this category.

Hello again everyone! We just wish to update you all in regards to Patreon that we are indeed working on the website pages here at GekkoFyre Networks which will display your patronage and where applicable, your personal or even organization's website.

If for some reason you have signed-up and the appropriate Discord role has not been assigned to you, please contact one of our administrators within th

And for those who want information on Apache Geode, which we plan to introduce sometime in the next week hopefully, you may peruse the link below for that. Happy posting! ^,==,^

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We are likely going to update our version of glitch-soc to the latest version sometime today, so please expect a little bit of downtime! We thank you for your understanding.

But this is so that we may stamp out the bugs which were introduced in the huuuuuuge update to the major release of v3.0.0 ^,==,^

We also plan to install at some point, which will drastically improve page loading speed for anyone who uses or has to go through our instance.

You can find out more about glitch-soc below :)

I am in such immense agreement with on this topic of , like seriously, younger people these days just need to chill the eff out and calm down! c..c

Hating on everything and everyone is simply going to make you a bitter, lonely, and angry individual that no one will like to hang around with.

It has come to our attention at GekkoFyre Networks that we cannot sustain the current costs of doing business for much longer without asking the community at large to donate a few dollars of their own monies here and there. As such, this is the reason why we have started our very own, official Patreon account.

If you only have a few dollars to spare, and/or even if you can only spare some

Have FINALLY seen the inflatable decoration that I really appreciate in Ballard, #Seattle


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The Drake Network

Welcome to The Drake Network, a public, perpetually free-for-all, community run Mastodon server operated by furries, for furries. Oh, not to forget Dragonkin either!

We're a safe-haven for LGBTQI+, furries, otherkin, therians, and media that's 18+ adult'ish in nature. We have such features as:

* Making use of the glitch-soc code-base
* Media proxy via S3 Bucket
* Other media improvements
* Full compatibility with IPv6 addressing/networking
* Tor proxy (coming soon!)
* Text limit of 4096 characters
* Formatted RAWRs (i.e. Toots)
* Threaded mode
* Replies in lists
* Misleading links highlighting
* Bookmarks
* Doodle
* App settings model
* Collapsible RAWRs