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Today we will likely be taking The Drake Network offline as we upgrade our adaptation of Mastodon (Glitch) to the latest version ^,==,^ We thank you for your understanding.

To also add to this excitement, we just noticed that the number of statuses made here was at a perfect 1,536 XD Personally, we love it when numbers match up like this!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then please redirect them to our primary administrator, @phobos_dthorga :)

Yup! There's many types of clothes available in it, boxers, socks, base layers... The latter I have when skiing, as well as on cold days underneath my ordinary clothing!

This 'thing' keeps popping up whenever I and is for all intents and purposes near-completely invisible, except for being a hinderance and getting in the way when switching windows (see picture below).

The only major change when regarding my computing habits is that I've started playing : Sandstorm lately. Does anyone here know what might be up?

I do see that Insurgency makes use of a DRM system called (pictured below) so I'm not sure if this could be related to the symptoms I'm experiencing.

I know crap like this is truly virulent stuff nowadays and can really pertub the normal functioning of your PC.

As it turns out, bamboo is really comfortable to wear. Especially if it is cold!

I’m a few hours too late, but here’s a big smile for #Inktober day 4!

Muffin was an excellent cat.

She could purr like thunder, always allowed belly rubs and felt like she was made of cuddles.

She loved laps, arms and shoulders. Feet were fair game too, she could keep those warm and toasty.

Her fur was perfect for soaking up any tears and laughter.

Her ears were large and perfect for listening.

And her golden eyes were full of love but alert; no ills could sneak up on you with her around.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

I had a lovely dream last night. The premise was a pocket dimension that you could get into from anywhere if you knew how. I found it by accident, empty and unused, and started showing people I knew how to get in. Over time, we added various things to it. The absolute BEST thing was when someone figured out plumbing and installed a set of showers. I have no idea how they got the water in.

@hiddensoul said that he'd help me test the THD (i.e. Total Harmonic Distortion) of my sound system sometime, which is just so cool to think of! ^,==,^

I forget the equipment that he mentioned which is involved, but admittedly, it is a bit beyond me with my electrical skills >,==,>;;

Most of what I've learned is through experimentation with and with creating little circuits in .

But yeah, this is something I'm looking forward to~!

The Resident Evil movies, nearly everyone of them, are such a guilty pleasure for me. They might all be terrible but I love them so much ;..;

I grew up with the very first game on the and to me, it was a marvel of its time. Absolutely terrifying though, that's for sure.

Sadly I can't get the working with my copy of , as the mod is two versions behind mainline :(

But hey, at least I have an incidental all female scientific crew! ^,==,^

ATTN: Got to love child predators :)

For those that don't know, Furry Valley targets young, impressionable individuals before eventually blackmailing them into things that they ultimately are not comfortable with. Avoid Simba and this clown below at all costs!

Sorry, I should've given this persons name in the original post, which is AlbeonSergal. I want to be very clear about the fact that this individual is a child predator along with all the other administrators of Furry Valley, hence this is why I'm releasing the names.

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We're a safe-haven for LGBTQI+, furries, otherkin, therians, and media that's 18+ adult'ish in nature. We have such features as:

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