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Farewell, trusty steed, as I now move on towards the newer and faster, based storage :)

This has done amazingly well over the years and I couldn't recommend a better brand. Thank you too, @hiddensoul, for helping me install the newer drive ^,==,^

Experiment: determine whether the local crows like cashews or peanuts more by offering both and seeing which they go for.

Result: a crow can successfully stuff four cashews and two peanuts down its throat at once as long as it goes to the cashews first. It is aware of this fact. Turns out this isn't such a useful heuristic after all. Fun to watch though!

Just made a handheld mount for my Samsung Note8 and an external RODE shotgun mic with a handle @phobos_dthorga

My computer desperately needs more RAM x..x Compiling under Microsoft Windows and a Linux VM all simultaneously is not good for it...

I have purchased this really neat M.2 device just the other day and hopefully it will be delivered soon! ^,==,^

I'm very happy right now ^,==,^~ After about a week of work, I now have a test signal sending to the audio device of your choosing.

This is all to do with my Amateur Radio project, "Dekoder for Morse". You can check it out at the link below!

re: Selling a near new mobile phone on behalf of a close friend 

Selling a near new mobile phone on behalf of a close friend 

Not only Rachel being trans (which was handled surprisingly well for a cartoon!) but also the central theme of change, both within the world, and in animation and cartoon culture as well. They got in their digs against 3D, cheap animation and the modern animation industry without being fatalistic, and it still felt like a classic rocko episode. I really liked it.

I just finished my first latex commission, a scarf with some frills on the ends. While I wouldn't normally take a commission (as I'm not up to that skill level yet), a friend decided they wanted something I thought I could do. Camera didn't cooperate, but here you go anyway.

Apparently modern DSLR cameras, specifically the Canon EOS 80D, can be the targets of ransomware now.

Great. Technology is just great.

The Fedilab developer just admitted to acting in bad faith by removing the user agent identification from their client.

I can understand a browser changing the user agent to something else for compatibility reasons, but for a client to deliberately remove identification to evade the wishes of the servers they connect to?

That’s not something well-behaved clients usually do...


Never been huge into the Sims but I've been working on a furry mod. This is a Kade and Nicole variant for testing. It's fully compatible with clothes and hair from the base game (except for long pants).


@xenon My school made an event for the local town (my township only has a population of a few thousand at most) and we all gathered around with my classmates to make a time-capsule that wouldn't be opened for, I think, several decades?

It was buried in the wetlands of my middle school near the cattle fields, towards the extreme top-right of the sports oval and near the gate to the wetlands itself. The hole was reasonably deep, from memory.

I do forget what we buried exactly, but it was all memorabilia relating to the 90s and possibly the new millennium.

Thanks for bringing up that nostalgic memory, @xenon :)

i made a time capsule with no intention of ever finding it again once. there was an accidentally unlocked maintenance door that hid a 7 story drop between the walls all the way to the basement

we cut open a la croix can, filled it with notes and art and little trinkets, closed it, and threw it down

we had no idea where that drop went but i don't think it'll be found by anyone for decades if it really is in between the walls. i just think that's really cool

It seems that our bare metal server in the United Kingdom, London, is nearing capacity. This was the server which got off its feet and has been with us all along, so it is very nice to see this at last :)

We owe our thanks to both all of our clients and our users. Without you, there'd be no GekkoFyre Networks ^,==,^

There's something wrong with search engine, when converting from bytes to kilobytes :/

Me: [looking at the International Prototype Kilogram at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures] What an absolute unit

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