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a group of mostly feline children sit through their first chemistry class. and it really is just that, sitting, being bored, because the teacher just will not *shut up* about not licking yourself clean if you get yourself dirty. go to the sink and wash it off. no licking. the sink. absolutely no licking in this classroom!

@phobos_dthorga Veeam Agent for Windows is free and is pretty reliable - it's built for Full and Partial recovery to External Drives, Network Drives, etc.

You just backup and create a Windows-based Recovery USB Drive that it loads with the recovery software, drivers, etc.
Then replace drive, boot from recovery disk, recover from backup source.

Does anyone here know of a good, reliable way to transfer Microsoft 10 Pro from one to another (specifically towards )?

I'm willing to pay for commercial software if it guarantees good results and doesn't cost too much, such as if that's the only decent option.

Looking for all options here! ^,==,^

Piggy Iggy the immediately freaks out whenever we bring the container of near him and this time was no different.

But instead, he immediately grabbed the container and pulled it right from our hands, spilling it in the process XD

Darn little shit had a field day >,==,>

It seems I was once more last night. It's the weirdest feeling when you wake up from such and you see the consequences of that. I have absolutely no memory of doing it.

if you have a habit of calling the cops every time you're scared of anything, you might want to warn people that you frequently employ the help of a gang of white supremacist thieves when other people minding their own business make you uncomfortable.


Apparently Proton has gotten much better at handling a few games since the last time I attempted #GamingOnLinux - this once again has me wondering if actually using Linux as the primary OS on my desktop computer is viable.

If nothing else it is a moderately interesting experiment to play with.

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A recent Artistic Freedom illustration commission I've completed for Dyluck from my Furdu convention queue! :D

Something I don't think gets mentioned enough while discussing the history of Doom is that it measurably impacted bullshit office capitalism for a period. At the time, offices were the only places with reliably powerful PCs on a LAN, where people congregated, so they all turned into LAN parties until everyone's jobs brought a "no Doom death matches" policy down.

birdsite stuff, being blocked 

pleeeeease stop referring to hypothetical software developers as "he" by default. if you quickly add "or she" afterwards you're still on my shitlist. we have a perfectly serviceable generic singular pronoun, "they" - use it

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