With the immense help of all our donors and as well as patrons from our Patreon, we've been able to add a brand new dedicated storage server to our lineup of assets!


To celebrate Cyber Monday for the year of 2019, we have a massive 33% off all domain names here at GekkoFyre Networks! Simply use the code, ZH9C84QQ2D, during checkout and your discount will be applied.

Please note that only one domain name is eligible per customer for a length of up to three years. Both existing and new customers may make use of th


As delicious as this looked, the Thai variety nearly bloody killed me x..x

I was coughing and wheezing from just one mouthful, it was that spicy >,==,<

I don't think these John Wick movies are very realistic

Holiday winghugs!

Hope you are all having a great one.^^

For those having a rough one, have extra support and love. You've got this! *Winghugs.*

So I just escalated my attempt for a refund with through , by opening a case with .

This is mostly a formality thing, because my bank said they'd process the for me instantly over the phone.

So thank goodness that I paid for this using my business card, as I paid too much of my usual income into it that week.

But did they seriously just respond back with, "Suck Nuts and Die"? That's what says that acronym stands for anyway O..o

@hiddensoul Have you heard of ? It's a really neat program for bringing to your phone.

You don't have to actively engage with it either. I just mostly use it for the notifications, so maybe you could get your watch to vibrate?


born to safely eject my hard drives before removing them

Note, I tweaked my #DailyHighscore bot a bit. Less popular accounts get a way better chance now. The equation became a bit more complicated:

\( Score = 2{{N_{Boosts} + N_{Retweets} + N_{Replies} } \over { 1 + ld( 1 + N_{Author's Followers} ) }} \)

Is this email related in anyway to the ones currently going around, targeting for their talent while scamming them at the same time?

I'd be interested to know...

You know you're a late-stage adult when all you want for a hatchday (i.e. a 'birthday' for the non-Dragons out there) is additional funds for a good pair of frames for some new prescription 👓 glasses >,==,>

My current pair are at least four-years old, and edging onto five. I can't see jack with my computer monitor and desperately need a new pair.

Thank you kindly to my parents for providing what's needed to get another, newer frame that's made from titanium :)

Ugh, I think I ate some bad salmon. I keep burping hydrogen sulphide. I so rarely get fish or seafood of any kind, I wanted it that badly ;..;

Concentration camps in China 


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