Does anyone have that meme handy where that Maned Wolf and lady with long legs from are juxtaposed? I'm trying to teach a close, non-furry friend some things about our lovely little community :D

Thanks! ^,==,^

You've got to be kidding if you think I and along with @gekkofyre will to you and your untrained 'specialists'; not in a Dragon's lifetime, that's for sure! :D

We've blurred certain, personal information of theirs out of general respect, since it's not like they're doing anything particularly harmful. It's just an sales request >,==,>

I'm sure this would be less of a punishment and more of a 'reward' for some I know >,==,>

Mention of trolls at epic levels within the furry fandom 

Rrrrrrawr! As one of's more recent projects, I became featured in their new which is packed full of Dragons of all varieties ^,==,^

More details in the thread about the artist and coloring book in question~

Who are some good to follow on Mastodon? Link them all to me in the reply!

Be sure to re-toot this as well :)

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