Some curious interference tonight which makes for a pretty spectrograph, or at least it does so in my opinion. Now we just need some activity :P

I quite often wish that wasn't as dead as it is :( I really enjoy(ed) that mode and the sheer convenience it offers, but it only lasted a few months before everyone moved onto what seems to be, Greener pastures.

*sighs* Oh well...

@hiddensoul I don't understand a lick of , with it no longer being a requirement in the exams. Maybe you can give it a try? :)

@hiddensoul said that he'd help me test the THD (i.e. Total Harmonic Distortion) of my sound system sometime, which is just so cool to think of! ^,==,^

I forget the equipment that he mentioned which is involved, but admittedly, it is a bit beyond me with my electrical skills >,==,>;;

Most of what I've learned is through experimentation with and with creating little circuits in .

But yeah, this is something I'm looking forward to~!

So my renewal notice came today for my license and wow, look at that warning for operating equipment while unregistered. You've got to love that... pay up or there'll be dire consequences >,==,>

I'm very happy right now ^,==,^~ After about a week of work, I now have a test signal sending to the audio device of your choosing.

This is all to do with my Amateur Radio project, "Dekoder for Morse". You can check it out at the link below!

There's been nothing but poor conditions for us 's as of late :/

I really want to get talking with others via DX again...

Just your typical Red/Rainbow Fluffy
:ms_western_dragon:​ who likes to work with servers as a system administrator 🖥️​ (been doing this kind of stuff for 20-odd years now) and transceivers as an individual licensed with 📻​ I'm on-the-air for any interested !

I love to play video games especially of the business and variety while I also run my own company/organization in real life called Networks, of which I'm the proprietor of. There's never a dull moment in my life and I always have something to do or take care of, so I have no time to be bored!

I love to inspire others and especially help individuals reach their dreams in life most of all. Building communities and bringing people together is my talent it seems, and by gosh darn I'll make use of this gift for the good of everyone.

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