The domain name has been renewed and is secure for yet another year!

I blurred out some of our company details to prevent cursory trolling :)

So apparently , the brand we all know and love for their immense build quality, have been just re-branded devices for some time now.

I did not know this and would've possibly made some different, recent purchases if I had've known otherwise :/

I won an art raffle! The ensuing commission piece is just *amazing* :ms_western_dragon: 

I was just talking to a close friend about our new routines and how they could be improved, on both sides.

Currently, I have implemented measures to wipe down the following at the end of every day with (i.e. ):

* Seat

What measures has everyone else implemented so far, if any?

The printer drivers that publishes, let me tell you, are *appallingly* bad. My error output window is full of streaming messages of exception after exception in relation to them.

I'm amazed that they work at all, that's the mystery to me.

I found this table on a news article (can't remember the exact link, sorry) and it might prove useful to others.

Discussion of a new generation of software that I'm authoring... 

What on Earth happened here? Yet another bug?

A week ago the search functionality didn't work properly, and the bugs are piling up. I've never experienced these issues before in my life until now, and I'm 32 y/o.

, please get your shit together.

This is the VHF/UHF antenna itself! With many thanks to @hiddensoul () for donating both it and the radio 📻 transceiver over to me, to keep indefinitely 📡​

I have to thank Ian () as well, who helped me install everything today regarding the aforementioned bands ^,==,^

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My new command center ^,==,^ Featuring a FT7900R for VHF/UHF and a FT-450D for shortwave.

I should be prepared for the oncoming apocalypse now, at least when concerning how many are being infected with the :(

#HamRadio power supply has been repaired! I'm also sick 😫 

Just did some before my brother woke up, since his notebook's power supply interferes heavily on the HF bands.

I was able to send out some pictures with the callsign in that time and receive two back! ^,==,^

It is today that we mark the appreciation of Dragonkind! 

My thoughts on the new #GoogleSearch UI 

My full, Draconic name is Phobos Aryn'dythyrn D'thorga. Don't even ask about the middle >,==,>;

But the first and last are pronounced as "Foe-boss Dee'thor-gah".


I'm starting to notice quite a few bugs with from this point on.

I used to feel relative safe in recommending it as an excellent SSH management tool for busy , but now? Not anymore...

I think my chronic pain has reached the tipping point that I might need to start using a walking stick every now and then, from now on.

And umm, that did NOT go well with my abusive parents when I started to use my cane around them today.

Just have a look at the attached chat transcripts below, between my friend, <redacted>, and I.

*sighs* I need to get into my own housing as soon as possible...

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