I'm very happy right now ^,==,^~ After about a week of work, I now have a test signal sending to the audio device of your choosing.

This is all to do with my Amateur Radio project, "Dekoder for Morse". You can check it out at the link below!


Selling a near new mobile phone on behalf of a close friend 

There's something wrong with search engine, when converting from bytes to kilobytes :/

What happened here with all of a sudden? Some of the screen became distorted while the rest was fine o..o;

Piggy Iggy the immediately freaks out whenever we bring the container of near him and this time was no different.

But instead, he immediately grabbed the container and pulled it right from our hands, spilling it in the process XD

Darn little shit had a field day >,==,>

Many thanks to @Saros for making me aware of this image, all credit goes to Wilson Chen for the original , apparently.

An in dive, looking much like a if you ask me :)

That's nice, the email address you use to contact for regarding technical issues just simply doesn't work/exist.

Now what am I going to do? My new project has disappeared from their database with no explanation given.

The dark theme for doesn't seem to work well because the form designer itself is dark too :/

Who made that silly decision?

I've been playing for the past few days (mind you I'm not very good at this game) and I like to play on the ultra-fast setting by default, all of the time basically.

I've noticed that over time, through a mix of both getting used to this speed setting and the game itself slowing down a little as the size of your base increases, the increased speed multiplier becomes relatively normal.

It's as if you are supposed to play the game on a 10x multiplier after all :)

Oh look! Microsoft lets you helpfully 'delay' updates by several days now.

Thank you, our supreme leader, >,==,>

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