As delicious as this looked, the Thai variety nearly bloody killed me x..x

I was coughing and wheezing from just one mouthful, it was that spicy >,==,<

So I just escalated my attempt for a refund with through , by opening a case with .

This is mostly a formality thing, because my bank said they'd process the for me instantly over the phone.

So thank goodness that I paid for this using my business card, as I paid too much of my usual income into it that week.

But did they seriously just respond back with, "Suck Nuts and Die"? That's what says that acronym stands for anyway O..o

Is this email related in anyway to the ones currently going around, targeting for their talent while scamming them at the same time?

I'd be interested to know...

Woah, would you look at that error dump O..o

I've *never* seen crash in such a horrific manner as that before.

I wonder what's actually going on? >,==,>

Fucking seriously now? So files which aren't commonly downloaded will have a likelihood chance of being flagged as suspicious? ⛔​

Welp, this makes my life as a system administrator much more interesting! 📡​

That's interesting, I see that the region for is disabled by default.

What is up with that?

Lots of... unsavory... comments from my mother >,==,> 

Oh dear, I've had a secondary plan for if an event like this were to happen though!

I wish supported that feature which does called , I think.

I am so in love with these flat-bread crackers, they are delish! ^,==,^

Oh gosh they're nice, someone please stop me c..c;;

Why do my computer's peripherals keep dying :< 

Now if only we could convert the entire U.S. citizenry to :ms_pirate_flag:​, then no-one would have to pay for ⚕️​ >,==,>

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