So I've killed my #Yaesu FP-1030A power supply by plugging in the SLA batteries 'backwards', since that's the way we would do so as chemist's way back when I used to be one :(

I'm absolutely distraught over this and cannot afford the AUD$300+ price tag of a new one.

I'm hoping that a friend in the local area can repair it for me, though that might take some weeks to happen, if at all. But it's the only option I have at this stage >,==,<

This is most definitely not covered by warranty sighs. It also happened just as I was becoming extremely excited over amateur radio, getting into things like #WinLink. But something always has to come along and ruin it for me...

#Adobe #CreativeCloud is a FUCKING virus. You can't uninstall this shit without a special tool from the official website, not unlike the tools you get from #AntiVirus websites for #spyware.

Please use alternatives where possible. We cannot stand for this any longer and SHOULDN'T.

The hilarious account of a dead body within the premises of a video game 

It seems that my ENTER key has broken in half! I guess from all the daily stresses that have been applied to it, when striked o..o

I consider myself quite the quick typist, so I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. Looking at it side-on, the key seems to be made of rather thin plastic. Why must everything be made so cheaply these days :/

@hiddensoul I don't understand a lick of , with it no longer being a requirement in the exams. Maybe you can give it a try? :)

So I'm looking over my billing charges, which you need a bloody university degree to understand, and I notice this :/

How can you be charged for a partial alarm? That just screws with my mind >,==,>

My biological family's mistreatment of unsolicited visitors 

Does anyone have that meme handy where that Maned Wolf and lady with long legs from are juxtaposed? I'm trying to teach a close, non-furry friend some things about our lovely little community :D

Thanks! ^,==,^

You've got to be kidding if you think I and along with @gekkofyre will to you and your untrained 'specialists'; not in a Dragon's lifetime, that's for sure! :D

We've blurred certain, personal information of theirs out of general respect, since it's not like they're doing anything particularly harmful. It's just an sales request >,==,>

Warning to anyone that's a , amateur or professional, which cares for Desert-type !

The MVB for our Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) died recently and after unscrewing it in preparation for the replacement, we discovered this scorch mark!

By the looks of it, there was actual ignition (i.e. fire) of the timber itself but thankfully, it didn't spread. We were very lucky in this case!

I'm not sure if aluminium foil would help (maybe someone can chime in?) but please, always check the alignment of your bulbs and try to use non-flammable materials!

For those that don't know, a MVB is a Mercury Vapour Bulb. Without going into great detail, you can find these in gymnasiums and the like. They are good for simulating the sun and output great amounts of UVA/UVB which Beardies and other similar, sun-loving reptiles require to metabolise calcium.

Without UVA/UVB, they develop bone disorders such as rickets, for one.

This 'thing' keeps popping up whenever I and is for all intents and purposes near-completely invisible, except for being a hinderance and getting in the way when switching windows (see picture below).

The only major change when regarding my computing habits is that I've started playing : Sandstorm lately. Does anyone here know what might be up?

I do see that Insurgency makes use of a DRM system called (pictured below) so I'm not sure if this could be related to the symptoms I'm experiencing.

I know crap like this is truly virulent stuff nowadays and can really pertub the normal functioning of your PC.

The Resident Evil movies, nearly everyone of them, are such a guilty pleasure for me. They might all be terrible but I love them so much ;..;

I grew up with the very first game on the and to me, it was a marvel of its time. Absolutely terrifying though, that's for sure.

Sadly I can't get the working with my copy of , as the mod is two versions behind mainline :(

But hey, at least I have an incidental all female scientific crew! ^,==,^

ATTN: Got to love child predators :)

For those that don't know, Furry Valley targets young, impressionable individuals before eventually blackmailing them into things that they ultimately are not comfortable with. Avoid Simba and this clown below at all costs!

Sorry, I should've given this persons name in the original post, which is AlbeonSergal. I want to be very clear about the fact that this individual is a child predator along with all the other administrators of Furry Valley, hence this is why I'm releasing the names.

*laughs* Look at the names! And it's all randomly generated too, so what a winning combination this turned out to be XD

Icebox and Refigerator; makes me wonder what kind of radio chatter they would have between each other :)

I'm sure this would be less of a punishment and more of a 'reward' for some I know >,==,>

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