So! Regarding data quotas in regard to Internet plans, we all know that "unlimited" is not truly unlimited.

My very dear friend, @Arctic, just asked support if uploading 100 petabytes (which is 102,400 gigabytes!) would be an issue on his "unlimited" business plan. Apparently not!

I guess we'll see...


@Arctic Stupid me, I was just informed that there are terabytes before petabytes, of which I had a brain-fart in regards towards x..x

The actual, real value is: 104,857,600 GB.



it's only like 10 racks, that's nothing for something like google

@dhivael Really? That's rather dense!

I like your new avatar too :)


yup. look up backblaze storage pod if you're interested--they packed 60 drives into 4U and aren't at the density limit yet. with 14T drives that's 8 petabytes per rack raw, even more if you compress stuff or use tape robots

@dhivael Thank you for this information, I'm very much interested in this stuff!

Although if I may ask, what kind of experience do you have with this? I'm just interested in knowing how you have come across this knowledge.

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