@phobos_dthorga Cool, it would be good if it didnt take an email reminder from mastadon to make me go and login to check whats happening

@hiddensoul Have you heard of ? It's a really neat program for bringing to your phone.

You don't have to actively engage with it either. I just mostly use it for the notifications, so maybe you could get your watch to vibrate?


@phobos_dthorga I am running tusky but yeah why isnt it coming in to my phone

@phobos_dthorga ahh I havent provided login details since I wiped my phone so thats why no notifications

@phobos_dthorga set them up in the TPLink KASA app on your phone first get that working then use the google home app on your phone and add the kasa app to google and once it is working you can add voice prompts to control them

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