This little bugger was preventing my battery from charging (photo included below) or just working in general, and thanks to the sharp eye of @hiddensoul when he visited earlier today, we were able to spot that this fuse was indeed blown.

It's always helpful to keep a box/case of miscellaneous blade-fuses on paw too ^,==,^

@phobos_dthorga one of the few times a fuse actuallly does its job normally the $25 micro will let the smoke out so that it can "Protect" the 25c fuse...

@hiddensoul I couldn't agree with that sentiment more!

But mind you, this was the fuse to the SLA batteries with that kit you made me, which while expensive in their own right, I'm just fortunate it wasn't my AUD$1,000+ transceiver on the line :)

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