Warning to anyone that's a , amateur or professional, which cares for Desert-type !

The MVB for our Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) died recently and after unscrewing it in preparation for the replacement, we discovered this scorch mark!

By the looks of it, there was actual ignition (i.e. fire) of the timber itself but thankfully, it didn't spread. We were very lucky in this case!

I'm not sure if aluminium foil would help (maybe someone can chime in?) but please, always check the alignment of your bulbs and try to use non-flammable materials!

For those that don't know, a MVB is a Mercury Vapour Bulb. Without going into great detail, you can find these in gymnasiums and the like. They are good for simulating the sun and output great amounts of UVA/UVB which Beardies and other similar, sun-loving reptiles require to metabolise calcium.

Without UVA/UVB, they develop bone disorders such as rickets, for one.

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