Lookit at what @hiddensoul made for me! I purchased it from him for AUD$370 and it's a portable power source containing 2 x 12 Ah SLA batteries.

On the back is a switch for powering on the gasket sealed 4 x USB ports at the front which provide 5 V / 2 A each, and there's a car accessory charger too for providing 12 V power.

The maximum input/output is 10 A at 13.8 V with the latter being its float charge level too, which is perfect for the Yaesu FP-1030A amateur radio power supply I have ^,==,^

There are also small Anderson connectors throughout for solid reliability. It also charge from a 100 W solar panel due to containing an invertor for such :)

@phobos_dthorga Just note the USB ports are top 1A and bottom 2.1A they are not all 2 amp each, if you look you will notice that

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