i made a time capsule with no intention of ever finding it again once. there was an accidentally unlocked maintenance door that hid a 7 story drop between the walls all the way to the basement

we cut open a la croix can, filled it with notes and art and little trinkets, closed it, and threw it down

we had no idea where that drop went but i don't think it'll be found by anyone for decades if it really is in between the walls. i just think that's really cool


@xenon My school made an event for the local town (my township only has a population of a few thousand at most) and we all gathered around with my classmates to make a time-capsule that wouldn't be opened for, I think, several decades?

It was buried in the wetlands of my middle school near the cattle fields, towards the extreme top-right of the sports oval and near the gate to the wetlands itself. The hole was reasonably deep, from memory.

I do forget what we buried exactly, but it was all memorabilia relating to the 90s and possibly the new millennium.

Thanks for bringing up that nostalgic memory, @xenon :)

@xenon Yours does too! Although it makes me wonder, how long has La Croix been around? I thought it was a recent fad!

@phobos_dthorga it's been around since 1981 says wikipedia, but yeah, it has been a fad recently

@xenon Huh, I would've guessed it for being a West coast thing. Go figure ^ ^

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