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I won an art raffle! The ensuing commission piece is just *amazing* :ms_western_dragon: 

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Rrrrrrawr! As one of's more recent projects, I became featured in their new which is packed full of Dragons of all varieties ^,==,^

More details in the thread about the artist and coloring book in question~

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Just your typical Red/Rainbow Fluffy
:ms_western_dragon:​ who likes to work with servers as a system administrator 🖥️​ (been doing this kind of stuff for 20-odd years now) and transceivers as an individual licensed with 📻​ I'm on-the-air for any interested !

I love to play video games especially of the business and variety while I also run my own company/organization in real life called Networks, of which I'm the proprietor of. There's never a dull moment in my life and I always have something to do or take care of, so I have no time to be bored!

I love to inspire others and especially help individuals reach their dreams in life most of all. Building communities and bringing people together is my talent it seems, and by gosh darn I'll make use of this gift for the good of everyone.

Lastly, if you have signed-up to The Drake Network with an account and are wondering why I'm following you automatically among the other administrators; welcome to the and we hope you enjoy your stay! :)

Myself, among @Arctic and @VolcanicWolf, are the primary administrators of this instance with myself being the lead system administrator. If you wish to find out more about this instance, then you should visit the About Us section, which has plenty of details on just about everything:

You may find my contact information below for both and , with the latter instant messenger being far more preferred, please. There is also an Official Discord server for GekkoFyre Networks, of which everyone is welcome as long as they do no harm of any kind to others.

Pay us a visit in Discord and give a friendly rrrrrawr! :)

Contact information
Telegram: @PhobosDthorga
Discord: Phobos#0001

Follow us on our Official Discord server!

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With immense thanks to @Arctic for making this piece possible, as it features him and I ^,==,^

I love you so much <3

Well that's nice of my ultra-racist family, they're pretending to be by making gasping and suffocation sounds.

The sooner I move away from these animals I once called "family" then the better.

Semi-long discussion about my new diabetes diagnosis, and the fact I now have to take insulin. 

So i ordered some extra lab supplies.. should be able to start filming the THC semisynthesis lab experiment in the next few days.

Dear Dragonkind,

What's stopping you from looking so luscious with your furry self?

Respectfully yours,
Phobos A. D'thorga ^,==,^

(Art from the top-left is by Fell Fallow, Tahoma, and RaptorVonSqueaker).

I upgraded my amateur radio workstation today with a mixing desk and switchable medium-duty dummy load.

I can cover most of the frequencies within the HF spectrum, as well as the VHF and UHF ^,==,^

I've just been granted a full license for PVS-Studio, due to the fact that I develop and work on software :)

I'm going to be having fun playing around with this, while enhancing my ability to program and learn.

The graphics in this game are just drop-dead gorgeous. I've never seen anything better, unless it's like NVIDIA GeForce RTX, for example, with the real-time .

I'm really in love with Red Dead Redemption 2, and the story mode is packed full of content.

I've encountered a few bugs so far, but nothing I've been unable to work around.

Depending on how you take a photo, whether it be with a telephoto lens or a more up-close one, it can have a very different effect on how the image is portrayed in the end.

@Arctic Stupid me, I was just informed that there are terabytes before petabytes, of which I had a brain-fart in regards towards x..x

The actual, real value is: 104,857,600 GB.


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So! Regarding data quotas in regard to Internet plans, we all know that "unlimited" is not truly unlimited.

My very dear friend, @Arctic, just asked support if uploading 100 petabytes (which is 102,400 gigabytes!) would be an issue on his "unlimited" business plan. Apparently not!

I guess we'll see...

Someone on the 20 meter band, possibly from Finland, telling everyone to stay home >,==,>

I'm no longer getting any in . Is anyone else experiencing this? Apparently there are a few issues going on at the moment...

They've just released this game, like literally only a few days ago, and already it is being offered at 50% off the retail price.

This is NOT good for its reputation.

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