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Rrrrrrawr! As one of's more recent projects, I became featured in their new which is packed full of Dragons of all varieties ^,==,^

More details in the thread about the artist and coloring book in question~

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Just your typical Red/Rainbow Fluffy
:ms_western_dragon:​ who likes to work with servers as a system administrator 🖥️​ (been doing this kind of stuff for 20-odd years now) and transceivers as an individual licensed with 📻​ I'm on-the-air for any interested !

I love to play video games especially of the business and variety while I also run my own company/organization in real life called Networks, of which I'm the proprietor of. There's never a dull moment in my life and I always have something to do or take care of, so I have no time to be bored!

I love to inspire others and especially help individuals reach their dreams in life most of all. Building communities and bringing people together is my talent it seems, and by gosh darn I'll make use of this gift for the good of everyone.

Lastly, if you have signed-up to The Drake Network with an account and are wondering why I'm following you automatically among the other administrators; welcome to the and we hope you enjoy your stay! :)

Myself, among @Arctic and @VolcanicWolf, are the primary administrators of this instance with myself being the lead system administrator. If you wish to find out more about this instance, then you should visit the About Us section, which has plenty of details on just about everything:

You may find my contact information below for both and , with the latter instant messenger being far more preferred, please. There is also an Official Discord server for GekkoFyre Networks, of which everyone is welcome as long as they do no harm of any kind to others.

Pay us a visit in Discord and give a friendly rrrrrawr! :)

Contact information
Telegram: @PhobosDthorga
Discord: Phobos#0001

Follow us on our Official Discord server!

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With immense thanks to @Arctic for making this piece possible, as it features him and I ^,==,^

I love you so much <3

So I've killed my #Yaesu FP-1030A power supply by plugging in the SLA batteries 'backwards', since that's the way we would do so as chemist's way back when I used to be one :(

I'm absolutely distraught over this and cannot afford the AUD$300+ price tag of a new one.

I'm hoping that a friend in the local area can repair it for me, though that might take some weeks to happen, if at all. But it's the only option I have at this stage >,==,<

This is most definitely not covered by warranty sighs. It also happened just as I was becoming extremely excited over amateur radio, getting into things like #WinLink. But something always has to come along and ruin it for me...

#Adobe #CreativeCloud is a FUCKING virus. You can't uninstall this shit without a special tool from the official website, not unlike the tools you get from #AntiVirus websites for #spyware.

Please use alternatives where possible. We cannot stand for this any longer and SHOULDN'T.

Chick-fil-A UK thing (+++) 

Did you know that Jacqueline Stallone (*that* Stallone) is "the foremost American rumpologist". What is rumpology you ask? Why, it is the art of reading your future by looking at your ass.

Wow. It's not even possible to /sign in to google/ without JavaScript?

What an obscene bundt cake made of garbage and failure.

this is the one where i recorded shortwave static and some switches

The hilarious account of a dead body within the premises of a video game 

It turns out that when our dedicated server, of which The Drake Network among other virtual private servers are hosted upon which we manage, was restarted due to an issue with our up-stream provider, that it turns out our was silently corrupt!

Yay, what fun! Not -,==,-

re: US Drug Lawful Stupid 

re: US Drug Lawful Stupid 

@phobos_dthorga Well yes, I am aware. :P

Draken (or Dragen) means, literally, The Dragon. I prefer the first spelling though, as it both goes better with English and does not sound silly in Swedish (In which it would literally mean 'pulled', or in a kind of slang, 'drunk'!). There is also a design of a Swedish fighter named Draken, which I really like!

@Snapai I know in the United States, a lot of your citizens are MASSIVELY AGAINST giving criminals and recreational drug users any sort of Human rights of any kind, let alone a decent standard of freedom/living/working.

I assume the reason you do drug testing to such invasive reaches is a result of multiple reasons, not just one.

(Every time I see 'EC' in a content warning, I think 'Erasure Coding')

A player token for my boy Gareth!
He comes in a set with the entire party, which our DM will be using!

#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #azyrsart #dragonborn #mullet #nerd #bard

@kyhwana I already know about the weakness of two-factor authentication via SMS, since those messages can be intercepted by the likes of Stingray devices and the such.

Thanks for the reply :)

If we take this analysis seriously, it sugests that if we want to find thorough, detailed information on a topic covering related issues, we should skip the first page of Google results:

@Lingondraken Ohh, I've heard of such berries before! Are they edible? I think I heard that they are, and they're highly desirable at that while being only available at a certain time of the year.

Huh, an 'edible' Dragon, nothing suss about that at all >,==,>;;

This might sound silly but for me, Phobos has taken on a very literal name for my personal self and most of my friends refer to me as either Phobos or simply, "Gekko", which is an old nickname from many moons ago.

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