@hiddensoul Very nice that you finally did a writeup on this! ^,==,^ If I may ask, how much did the rack itself cost? I'm now thinking about one for my bedroom where the NAS and possibly some extra networking gear may go :)

@phobos_dthorga I got this one for free 2nd hand it cost me $60 to rekey the security lock on it

@hiddensoul Apologies, I can't really see the lock in those pictures, but aren't they usually those really crappy locks with a single indentation on the key itself? Why so much for a rekeying then?

@phobos_dthorga This was a high security Barrel lock with no key so had to pick the lock with special tool that picks the lock & measures depth of the indents on circular barrel key and then he had to cut the key it took two cuts so it was a highly skilled job that took about 45 mins and you have to pay that much due to it being a high level service it wasnt a $4.50 key cut at the hardware store

@hiddensoul Oh wow, I find that quite surprising. I guess with this being a server grade rack, you would obviously want that kind of lock. Is it boltable down to the floor as well, sort'a like a firearms safe?

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