Just made a handheld mount for my Samsung Note8 and an external RODE shotgun mic with a handle @phobos_dthorga

@hiddensoul Thanks for tagging me! I haven't been checking social media all that much lately :)

Rhode microphones are the best though! And personally, I think you've made a wise choice to stick with your current phone. Too little of a benefit to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy 10.

@phobos_dthorga Yes I agree a AU$800 loss in 13 months is just stupid if I sold it I will keep it for a few more generations unless it breaks

@hiddensoul I recommend those OtterBox cases, which are very solid and stylish at the same time :)

It's usually cheaper to buy straight from their website, but I'm using one myself.



@phobos_dthorga I have had a lot of otterbox cases and I find that the clip breaks off on the back for your belt, I now have a nylon pouch/manbag thing that the phone slides in to with a silicone sleeve on it

If you want to protect your phone, try Rhinoshield. Saved my own devices a number of times. I reckon the only reasonable way my phone could break with it on now is if I dropped it into water somehow.

@Lingondraken @hiddensoul Ooooh, thank you! I'll actually keep that in mind for when I get a new phone :)

Lately though, I've purchased a DBrand skin for my current phone as I wish to drop the protective case altogether. If it gets damaged then well, it lived a good life. The phone is well over three years old now which is considered pretty dated in the tech world ^,==,^

@phobos_dthorga @hiddensoul I troed that a year ago when mine was new, since the Pixel XL backside is really prone to scratching. Ended up getting slapped by a hefty extra fine that they did not disclose on their website (except buried in their really long purchase agreement) because it was an out-of-EU order. Ended up getting a refund and found a similar store based in the UK instead. Still, I'd -never- go without a drop protective case.

@Lingondraken @phobos_dthorga sorry I am confused I purchased a brand skin form the USA not EU there was nothing extra to pay over the listed prices

@Lingondraken @hiddensoul A fine for an out-of-EU order? That sounds rather anti free-market to me... although I'm just as confused as @hiddensoul is ^ ^;;

Do you live in the EU or outside of the EU, @Lingondraken?

@phobos_dthorga @hiddensoul Within. Many US based stores hides tax cost (and makes no mention of processing fees) for orders to the EU. Long story short; a dBrand skin would become twice as expensive for a EU customer compared to a US one, not counting shipping costs.

@Lingondraken @phobos_dthorga I am in Australia and paid no extras you may have to pay tax GST/VAT but that isn't dbrand fault that's your country

@hiddensoul @phobos_dthorga Oh yes, I am not saying it is their fault but it specifically said on the check out that it was the final fee. That is what ticked me off when I was told I had to pay up twice to get my order. I understand in the US is is not common to list VAT in prices; but here we always list every single cost involved with a purchase. To not do that is basically scam-level, intentional or not.

@Lingondraken @hiddensoul I would then say that it is their fault if that was the final fee on the checkout; larger companies such as them should know darn well better :/

I'd excuse smaller companies for not knowing all the rules since they don't have the body of knowledge necessary. Plus that company hid such details in the ToS!

So you have to basically pay VAT for even incoming international goods? o..o

@phobos_dthorga @Lingondraken But that is the same for Australia If I but an item from an overseas company that is NOT registered with the Australian taxation Office and at the border the invoice is over $1000 I have to pay GST it is not the duty of small sellers to collect GST only big companies have an obligation like Amazon or eBay

@Lingondraken @phobos_dthorga I am not actually looking at anything for my phone was just talking about how much my phone had depreciated and otter boxes got mentioned

@hiddensoul Huh, I remember when they were the "go-to" brand for protective cases. I suppose their quality has dropped off somewhat with all that fame?

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