Just got back from the audiologist, I have a loan hearing aid while mine is off for repair. I had my right one fixed a couple of weeks ago and now my left is off. I pay AUD35 a year for batteries and insurance for maintenance so that's not to bad

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I have seen far too many artists gone on hold for unknown periods of time because their sole computer is a laptop.

Seriously, people, most laptops are not made to last, unfortunately. If you need reliable access to computing power, you really need a desktop. Modular, upgradeable, easy to repair by yourself, or the local techie.

2 years of living with pricks, my Christmas present for 2017 was insulin-dependent diabetes

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With the immense help of all our donors and as well as patrons from our Patreon, we've been able to add a brand new dedicated storage server to our lineup of assets!


Spent the afternoon setting up my first VPS running Ubuntu 18,04 LTS set up SSH disabled root login enabled public/private key login with a really long password to escalate the login account to su. This is a bit of a playground for me, I have been using linux on the desktop and on my servers for the last 10 years or more so it is not new ground on the OS front just need to work out what to do with it...

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It turns out that when our dedicated server, of which The Drake Network among other virtual private servers are hosted upon which we manage, was restarted due to an issue with our up-stream provider, that it turns out our was silently corrupt!

Yay, what fun! Not -,==,-

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A video of Piggy Iggy in his hatchling years (approximately two years ago) eating one of his favorite meals, which is blueberries ^,==,^

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I'm fucking mad over this shit, as I'm heavily immunosuppressed due to the medicine I must take for my disabilities.

Anti-vaxxers should be ASHAMED of themselves. They are not only causing great harm to their children but to others also. I definitely did not need to see this :(


SO I am off to see my audio engineer to have my cyborg implants adjusted.

LOL Just seeing my audiologist to have some new programs put in to my hearing aids for the new Bluetooth interface I have purchased the Siemens easyTEK

Not shown I forgot to put it on is an LED floodlight as well

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Just made a handheld mount for my Samsung Note8 and an external RODE shotgun mic with a handle @phobos_dthorga

Damn fibromyalgia is kicking my butt these last few days

Traffic graph for our home network, I am running smooth wall and this was installed at the end of last December

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RT @videolan@twitter.com
About the "security issue" on #VLC : VLC is not vulnerable.
tl;dr: the issue is in a 3rd party library, called libebml, which was fixed more than 16 months ago.
VLC since version 3.0.3 has the correct version shipped, and @MITREcorp@twitter.com did not even check their claim.


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Spicy take this but I LIKE the new Twitter design! The performance is so much better over the old one which ran like a dog on my high-end gaming PC and your position is properly remembered when navigating back and forth.

I doubt many will agree with me though, BECAUSE CHANGE.

Finally took the time to get my raspberry pi 3 setup as a pi-Hole it is a DNS based AdBlocker, runs well

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@hiddensoul Ham radio for sure! These are probably the only remaining area of customer electronics which is not designed with a "DO NOT SERVICE" mindset...

So I am training my fish, I have already got them trained that when I tap the top cover and open it they come uo for food now just before that I am setting the colour changing lights Green. I am ONLY using green for feeding time not for mood effects, that hope is that in a few weeks they will associate green with food

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