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Check out this awesome guide on how to get started with ! It contains pretty much everything you need to know from modifying email , content warnings, , , (or rather !), what is , and so much more!

The document has been authored by @Sir_Boops :ms_paw_print:

Remember to oil your Dragon's scales daily! They must be kept shiny and in good health, to fend off those naughty Knights.

Then after, it's always recommended to snuggle with said Dragon. Just be careful of those huge fangs and claws! :ms_western_dragon:

Should I introduce the "blocked_by" feature that allows to know if an account is blocking your account? #Poll

It would be only used in profiles.

Recently sites have appeared which claim to provide ProtonMail coupons or provide our customer support number. Be wary as these sites may be malicious. ProtonMail does not provide publicly available phone numbers or coupons.

Please vote in the poll included below, letting your voice be heard on how Fedilab should handle a new feature they're thinking about!

So! This is our storage with and the accumulated data since May 2nd, 2019. The big spike on May 4th is when we uploaded 72 MB of emoji from the [Mutant Standard]( set. That's a lot of smilies! :ms_eastern_dragon:

But yes, hosting a instance uses a great amount of data in both multimedia and PostgreSQL database (currently standing at 48 MB) space :ms_floppy_disk:

We recommend Wasabi to anyone requiring a S3 bucket, they're really cheap!

We wish to thank everyone and all of our users for their patience for enduring the maintenance downtime the other day as we switched bulk-email providers from towards SES (Simple Email Service).

Even for a relatively small instance like ourselves, we do send a lot of emails each day! Then you have to take our parent organization, Networks, into account, whom of which sends many emails too for our clients.

Switching to Amazon made much sense because they are *considerably* cheaper than most of the competition whilst offering many features that nearly all others do not, especially at a price point that is unmatched.

Once again, thank you ^,==,^

We apologize for the downtime with The Drake Network. An update was made where we have changed bulk email providers from towards SES, which will better support future growth.

Further details coming shortly.

Details as to the survey, its nature, and who assesses the results can be found at the link below.

Networks is not in anyway associated with this survey, its constituents, or any affiliates.

It is simply a survey that is performed once a year or so against the furry community and we wish to promote its nature :)

Please be sure to re-toot this so it can reach the maximum amount of furries possible!

Ko-fi is now following suit and utterly and completely cracking down on adult content

DO NOT say suggestive/adult things in the comment fields of your PayPal/Ko-fi transactions

DO NOT directly, publicly link your PayPal/Ko-fi identities in your adult-oriented art posts

DO NOT keep a lot of money in your PayPal account. Transfer it to your bank often, where they can't seize it and take it from you

Artists and commissioners use good judgement, it's a balancing act from both sides

With immense thanks to @Arctic for making this piece possible, as it features him and I ^,==,^

I love you so much <3

We've decided to remove the 'Bot' moniker from @gekkofyre because nearly all posts from this account have been made NOT from a robot :)

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In our continuing policy of being completely with our user-base here at both and Networks, we have a sincere apology to make.

Although no users have so far been affected after making a quick check of our bulk email provider (we can only see the most basic of header information and nothing more), it seems that we applied a too strict of a policy to the `` domain name within our DNS settings.

What this means is that if you received an email from The Drake Network within the past day or two, it might've ended up within the folder due to being incorrectly marked as such.

As you can see in the attached image to this Toot (or RAWR), the new policy is being propagated across our server network as we speak. So please bear with us.

If an explanation as to how is desired, then please check this post for a reply which will explain so shortly :)

We've updated the rDNS for `` at last! The associated IPv4 address now correctly points to the right hostname.

If you're wondering whether this has had an effect on email notifications then the answer is 'no'. We use the provider for all bulk mail purposes because running your own mail-server in this day and age is a massive pain-in-the-tail.

We will be beginning the scheduled maintenance shortly. I apologise but I slept through the originally appointed time c..c

It should take no longer than 15-30 minutes.

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