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Check out this awesome guide on how to get started with ! It contains pretty much everything you need to know from modifying email , content warnings, , , (or rather !), what is , and so much more!

The document has been authored by @Sir_Boops :ms_paw_print:

Remember fellow Mastodonians, you can download/backup your account data within your Preferences --> Account --> Import and Export --> Data Export!

If you need help doing so, then please feel free to reply to this Toot/RAWR :dragonowo:

Long post; pre-announcement of a new service, and we are looking for users! 

Announcement of new #Mastodon relay creation! ^,==,^ 

Mastodon server/client software update success announcement 

Patreon shout-outs and a thank you to our donors! ^,==,^ 

Hello again everyone! We just wish to update you all in regards to Patreon that we are indeed working on the website pages here at GekkoFyre Networks which will display your patronage and where applicable, your personal or even organization's website.

If for some reason you have signed-up and the appropriate Discord role has not been assigned to you, please contact one of our administrators within th

And for those who want information on Apache Geode, which we plan to introduce sometime in the next week hopefully, you may peruse the link below for that. Happy posting! ^,==,^

And for those who want information on Apache Geode, which we plan to introduce sometime in the next week hopefully, you may peruse the link below for that. Happy posting! ^,==,^

We are likely going to update our version of glitch-soc to the latest version sometime today, so please expect a little bit of downtime! We thank you for your understanding.

But this is so that we may stamp out the bugs which were introduced in the huuuuuuge update to the major release of v3.0.0 ^,==,^

We also plan to install at some point, which will drastically improve page loading speed for anyone who uses or has to go through our instance.

You can find out more about glitch-soc below :)

It has come to our attention at GekkoFyre Networks that we cannot sustain the current costs of doing business for much longer without asking the community at large to donate a few dollars of their own monies here and there. As such, this is the reason why we have started our very own, official Patreon account.

If you only have a few dollars to spare, and/or even if you can only spare some

It is true, yes, that we terminated our organization's Twitter account for GekkoFyre Networks, due to a number of reasons. The primary reason among these is that Twitter is quite careless with how it treats an account holders data and the privacy thereof. It turned out that we were being shown to be 'associated' with individuals and organizations that we did not wish to

Please expect a small amount of downtime in the next day or two as we upgrade to the latest version of glitch-soc, to squash the few bugs that were brought up in the major update to release 3.0.0, thanks.

Things should go a lot smoother this time around >,==,<

We've updated the information that appears in the little sidebar on some pages, such as on the front-page of the website and when viewing your Profile directly!

We hope this encourages users to make further use of all the functionalities available to them at The Drake Network. Not to mention encourage more individuals to sign-up!

We have many special features that aren't available at other Mastodon instances, so we're kind'a unique in a way ^,==,^

It turns out that when our dedicated server, of which The Drake Network among other virtual private servers are hosted upon which we manage, was restarted due to an issue with our up-stream provider, that it turns out our was silently corrupt!

Yay, what fun! Not -,==,-

Having noticed that this was asked on Twitter, I thought I'd ask it here.

What is the origin of your furry/otherkin/therian name and why do you use it until this day? All semi-interesting answers are welcome! :)

I'm thinking about installing to help improve performance of this instance. @barkerjr suggested it ^,==,^

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Extended Maintenance Apologies for The Drake Network

Hello again all furries and Humans! In our efforts to update our Mastodon instance, The Drake Network, to the next major release (i.e. v3.0.0), so that we may continue offering the best services possible here at GekkoFyre Networks, some extended downtime was encountered. We offer our sincere apologies for this and

That `.cheap` domain sure is cheap! All available to you when that second mortgage on your house clears ;)

We're currently doing a number of huge upgrades to The Drake Network over the following week, not only to the code itself (check out the new upcoming features below!), but to the infrastructure also.

We have just finished upgrading the up to a newer version and putting it onto a much more stable server, indepedent of the one that this instance is hosted on.

We also further plan on using Apache , thanks to the suggestion of @barkerjr. This too will be on its own indepedent cluster network. Maybe we can finally bring the Tor connectivity online at last as well? We'll have to see! ^,==,^

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GekkoFyre Networks's choices:

The Drake Network

Welcome to The Drake Network, a public, perpetually free-for-all, community run Mastodon server operated by furries, for furries. Oh, not to forget Dragonkin either!

We're a safe-haven for LGBTQI+, furries, otherkin, therians, and media that's 18+ adult'ish in nature. We have such features as:

* Making use of the glitch-soc code-base
* Media proxy via S3 Bucket
* Full compatibility with IPv6 addressing/networking
* Tor proxy (coming soon!)
* Text limit of 4096 characters
* Threaded mode
* Bookmarks
* Doodle
* App settings model
* Collapsible RAWRs (i.e. Toots)