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Check out this awesome guide on how to get started with ! It contains pretty much everything you need to know from modifying email , content warnings, , , (or rather !), what is , and so much more!

The document has been authored by @Sir_Boops :ms_paw_print:

As of July 27th, 2020, GekkoFyre Networks will no longer be a public entity and will instead be going private, where we will only be offering services to any newer customers towards the closest of friends from henceforth.

Effective from then, VPS services will be terminated for anyone who is not a dear friend of GekkoFyre and therefore Phobos D'thorga, although if you have another type of service with u

A list of many various benchmarks with regards to and its plugins, along with how they fare when compared.

The article is extremely interesting in my opinion and goes quite in-depth.

Sign-up for anyone and everyone has been turned back on once again! Hopefully the bot networks have ceased their activities towards us for now...

Please let us at @gekkofyre know of any problems or issues right away, thank you. As a Dragon (in my case), we can only do so much beyond breathing fire and snarrrling at anyone we dislike :P

We've had to turn on, 'authorization required for new account sign-up', because we've had a swath of bot sign-ups.

If the user behind these wishes to come forward and explain, then please do so. We only wish to help the community and add legitimacy to these actions.

A total of 7,821 users have been banned from just ONE SERVER, according to with regard to our assets over at @gekkofyre.

These hackers are relentless... and this is with an up-time of 18 days for said server, being nothing too important.

ps this domain was bought and this site is hosted through @gekkofyre, and thanks to @phobos_dthorga for helping me through not actually knowing what i needed and dealing with me buying things, poking with it for 2 hours, and then being like "wait, i think that was wrong"

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The domain name has been renewed and is secure for yet another year!

I blurred out some of our company details to prevent cursory trolling :)

We've upgraded to both #Mastodon and #GlitchSoc v3.1.2! ^,==,^ 

Extenuated multimedia issues, software upgrades, and some minor downtime within the next few hours! 

With the advent of Coronavirus (i.e. COVID-19) onto the global stage, not much has changed at GekkoFyre Networks in terms of where and how our employees work from. Since everyone who works for our organization in a professional manner from a home office already, there has been little difference! UPDATE: Please read the addendum below!

Though that's not to say that our routin

I was just talking to a close friend about our new routines and how they could be improved, on both sides.

Currently, I have implemented measures to wipe down the following at the end of every day with (i.e. ):

* Seat

What measures has everyone else implemented so far, if any?

We have finally fixed the / problem that has been plaguing The Drake Network for, what is, way too long at this point x..x

Expect and to load as normal now ^,==,^

Today is a day wherein we reflect on the values we hold towards our users and clients. The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness towards and promote best practices of both user privacy concerns and the way in which user data is safely/securely stored.

At GekkoFyre Networks, we take security of your private information very seriously. Listed below

#HamRadio power supply has been repaired! I'm also sick 😫 

That's the abomination of a filename for a SSL/VPN certificate that our instance tried to export.

Ooof x..x

There have been some major updates towards and around GekkoFyre Networks as of late, with some of them a direct result of the generosity of our donors, through both our Patreon account and via other means. We'll mention a few of these just below.

We are nearly ready to release the exclusive page here at GekkoFyre th

I'm hoping to fix the multimedia issues sometime in the next 24-hours, that have been plaguing The Drake Network the past few days or so.

It seems to be a permissions issue with regard to our S3 instance, from what I can understand. Should be an easy, albeit time consuming fix >,==,>

Attn. admins! Suggested user and federation block. 

The backup restoration has succeeded and once again, The Drake Network is online! We do apologize for the outage but out of this, we have been able to contribute to the greater Mastodon community by reporting a critical bug that occurs in the very latest versions. You may view our issue reports here and here.

Once this bug has been resolved by the Mastodon program

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GekkoFyre Networks's choices:

The Drake Network

Welcome to The Drake Network, a public, perpetually free-for-all, community run Mastodon server operated by furries, for furries. Oh, not to forget Dragonkin either!

We're a safe-haven for LGBTQI+, furries, otherkin, therians, and media that's 18+ adult'ish in nature. We have such features as:

* Making use of the glitch-soc code-base
* Media proxy via S3 Bucket
* Other media improvements
* Full compatibility with IPv6 addressing/networking
* Tor proxy (coming soon!)
* Text limit of 4096 characters
* Formatted RAWRs (i.e. Toots)
* Threaded mode
* Replies in lists
* Misleading links highlighting
* Bookmarks
* Doodle
* App settings model
* Collapsible RAWRs