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Check out this awesome guide on how to get started with ! It contains pretty much everything you need to know from modifying email , content warnings, , , (or rather !), what is , and so much more!

The document has been authored by @Sir_Boops :ms_paw_print:

If there's one thing you'll quickly learn about me by being a friend, is that I LOVE . They're particularly important when running an organization like
@gekkofyre Networks.

As a treat on me, have some juicy ! From top-left to bottom-right:

* Twitter analytics for my VK3VKK account.
* Kubernetes cluster metrics.
* Grafana statistics engine backed onto a InfluxDB time-series database, as collected by Telegraf agents.
* Metrics for this web-site, The Drake Network, that can be seen at the link below [ 1 ] ^,==,^

[ 1 ] -

We're up to a total utilization of 25.2 GB and ~130,000 individual objects with our multimedia storage through regarding this site, The Drake Network ^,==,^

And this is considering we've only been online for a few months in total!

General Updates and WIP Design of New Mascot

Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last update was made to this company blog and the reason for this is that I, Christopher McGill (a.k.a. Phobos D'thorga), was taking an extended break to recharge my batteries and just rejuvenate. Everyone needs a break once in a while and well, the same only applies to me,

General Updates and WIP Design of New Mascot

Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last update was made to this company blog and the reason for this is that I, Christopher McGill (a.k.a. Phobos D'thorga), was taking an extended break to recharge my batteries and just rejuvenate. Everyone needs a break once in a while and well, the same only applies to me,

For the past few weeks, we have been working tirelessly with CurioDraco [ 1 ] on the creation of a new, highly personalized mascot for GekkoFyre Networks ^,==,^ This will significantly aid with the projection of our brand-image not only in areas of marketing but in general discourse too.

Hopefully with another week or two of further work, we'll be able to unveil the final design!

Please note that all characters shown in this post along with any derivatives are Copyright © 2006 to 2019 – GekkoFyre Networks, All Rights Reserved.

[ 1 ] -

It seems that our bare metal server in the United Kingdom, London, is nearing capacity. This was the server which got off its feet and has been with us all along, so it is very nice to see this at last :)

We owe our thanks to both all of our clients and our users. Without you, there'd be no GekkoFyre Networks ^,==,^

Piggy Iggy the immediately freaks out whenever we bring the container of near him and this time was no different.

But instead, he immediately grabbed the container and pulled it right from our hands, spilling it in the process XD

Darn little shit had a field day >,==,> is among the newest of instances to be banned from with The Drake Network.

They have been accused (with proof) of perpetrating Denial-of-Service attacks against other Mastodon services and this is the reason for the .

If anyone has any questions then please, feel free to reply to this post. We'll be happy to answer. The link below contains all the instances that have been silenced or suspended in some way.

Rrrrrrawr! As one of's more recent projects, I became featured in their new which is packed full of Dragons of all varieties ^,==,^

More details in the thread about the artist and coloring book in question~

@troodon I've been experiencing an issue where if I caption an image, I'm unable to post anything (including the post itself that's in question) until I refresh the window once more.

Attached is the Chrome version that is being used, just in-case someone can help me, but otherwise I am at a complete loss.

I really do wish to help those that require these accessibility features, knowing the struggle myself as I too am clinically disabled.

It's official! We've added, The Drake Network, to Network so you can now see further metrics on our instance! Just simply follow the link below 🌐​

It should also be noted that our uptime is not accurately shown on Fediverse, due to an SSL/TLS issue that was kindly pointed out by an administrator over at that site. We have since fixed the issue and now get A+ with Qualys SSL certificate tester 🔐​

This article neatly explains all my grievances regarding and networking in general whilst currently using and their partners as a wholesaler for Networks.

I mean, I'm happy that they support IPv6 at such an institutional level, but it could be implemented soooo much better.

Apologies for taking the , The Drake Network, down for a period of almost 24-hours. We tried updating to 18.10 () without realizing that -soc absolutely requires an LTS release and will not work otherwise.

So as a result, we had to revert the changes from a backup made on 7th July, 2019, meaning that approximately 12 hours of posts by our users were lost in the process.

If anyone has any comments and/or questions then please, feel free to reply towards this post or instead, message the Lead System Administrator, @phobos_dthorga :ms_western_dragon:

Hello everyone! We are likely about to go down for shortly as we update the backend code for The Drake Network, so we can continue to provide for you the best service possible ^,==,^

At Networks, the happiness of both our clients and users is our number one priority. The downtime shouldn't last for too long and we'll be an integral part of the once again in no time :) has now been silenced by The Drake Network and thusly throughout our instance although please note that this is NOT an outright , nor are we rejecting media files or reports from their users.

Think of this as an alternative to outright banning a bad player, where we just instead reject any of their interactions with the public timelines.

We welcome any and all comments about this action, thank you, as we wish for this instance to be as democratic as possible.

Issues with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha

GekkoFyre Networks would like to apologize to our clients/users and any potential customers for if you have personally been affected by issues with our billing and invoicing system, where in the past few days, pages might have refused to load or you've potentially been locked out of certain systems and/or functions depending on your choice of

With thanks to @hiddensoul for notifying us of this, but despite overwhelming opposition by the public that has been well documented, has decided to lift all fee caps on .org names.

As was discussed prior in April when the public commenting period was open, this would permit unlimited fee increases for .org registrants, and may further set the stage for higher fees on owners of .com domain names too.

I highly recommend the app for called . It's like using Twitter, only without all the built-in corporate overlord crap and marketing.

It beats by a ton and doesn't cost a penny!

It is with great pride that we announce the launching of our Dedicated to the general public! With this announcement comes the offering of several products for the public to choose from, notably:

* Vanilla Minecraft
* Minecraft Forge
* Paper Minecraft
* Minecraft

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